Helmet of Gnats: High Street

Helmet of Gnats: High Street

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High Street

June 2010
This CD release from Ambient Records features cutting-edge instrumental electric Fusion by a band who is at the peak of its powers. 192khz/32bit digital technology was used to capture the vintage sounds and analog tones of this classic Electric Guitar, Multi-Keyboard, Electric Bass and Drum lineup. This CD is filled with 64 minutes of blazing yet melodic Fusion and is sure to reignite the fire inside fans of this genre – as well as make some new ones.

This long-awaited 2010 disc consolidates this band as one of the US’s best modern fusion groups
— Wayside Music

It’s not often you come across an instrumental fusion album as perfectly executed as High Street, but folks, this one earns every bit of its 5 stars here. This latest from Helmet of Gnats is a prime example of how jazz-fusion and prog can co-exist and cohabitate, offering up a heaping assortment of melodies and jaw-dropping musicianship that is sure to thrill any fan of either genre. Bravo!
— Pete Pardo, Sea of Tranquility

About The Music:
Featuring electric guitar, multi-keyboards, electric bass and drums, Helmet Of Gnats' sound is reminiscent of the classic Rock/Jazz Fusion movement of the early to middle 1970's. This classic lineup carries the torch that was lit by the originators of Fusion while bringing the music into new and uncharted territory. Challenging compositions, melodic passages and blazing execution are hallmarks of this band.

The Technology:
192kHz digital sample rate was used to make this recording, providing the same wide analog bandwidth as DSD. This album was mixed with 32-bit precision. The resultant mixes were processed thru a vacuum tube compressor and captured to 44.1 kHz/16 bit using a custom A to D converter to create the CD master. With this approach, Ambient Records continues its tradition of making recordings that are at the cutting edge of recording technology.