Gene Bertoncini: Reunion

Gene Bertoncini: Reunion

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Besame Mucho



Soul Eyes

The Lilter


Embraceable You

Bertha The Dragoness

New York City – November 2012
This CD release from Ambient Records features Gene Bertoncini – Acoustic nylon string and electric hollow body guitars, Michael Mainieri - acoustic vibraphone, Michael Moore acoustic bass and Joe Corsello – drums.

The Music
This CD combines the talents of four of today’s most well respected musicians recorded with audiophile recording techniques. The tonal combination of guitar and vibes paired with acoustic bass and traditional jazz drum set makes this recording a sonic delight. “Reunion” is comprised of classic standards and original compositions. The CD title “Reunion” comes from Gene Bertoncini’s long association with Mike Mainieri, Michael Moore and Joe Corsello all of whom have played with Gene at one point or another over the past 50 years. The title song “Reunion” is an original composition by Michael Mainieri. This quartet has performed to sold out crowds at The Jazz Standard in NYC and has received the highest critical acclaim. “Reunion” will let you hear some of today’s most prolific musicians recorded in an optimized studio environment, practically transporting them directly into your listening room.

The Technology
For this recording a hybrid digital/analog recording technique was employed exploiting the best of the two technologies. 176.4-kHz 24-bit A/D conversion was used to make this recording. It was mixed in the digital domain with 32-bit floating point precision to a Playback Designs up-sampling D/A converter to 5.6 MegaHertz 1-bit DSD. This high fidelity analog output was processed thru an early 1970’s vintage Neve compressor to a custom all tube ½” two track analog tape machine running at 15ips. The resultant analog recording was used as the source for the CD master. The result captures all the detail of high resolution digital with the warm analog sound of transformers and vacuum tubes for an ultra-musical sonic presentation.