Gene Bertoncini: Concerti

Gene Bertoncini: Concerti

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Concierti de Aranjuarez-Spain


Prelude-How Insensative

Every Time We Say Goodbye

Eleanor Rigby

You'de Be So Nice To Come Home To

For Chet

East of the Sun

"Concerti" – a Super Audio CD release from Ambient Records – features Gene Bertoncini on nylon string guitar teamed up with a String Quartet and special guest David Finck on acoustic bass. "Concerti" features classic, contemporary and original compositions arranged for string quartet combined with Gene Bertoncini's personal solo guitar arrangements. This SACD is packed with 52 minutes of musical virtuosity and listening pleasure.

"It was a magical couple of days at Ambient Recording Company… The sound of the string quartet, led by principal violinist, Mark Feldman and driven by the strong bass lines and solos of David Finck was an exhilarating experience for me, and a joy to play to."
-Gene Bertoncini, from the liner notes.

The Music:
A variety of classic, contemporary and original compositions with innovative arrangements for both string quartet and nylon string guitar make this a unique masterwork that is sure to be a classic of its own. 

Gene Bertincini's "Concerti" features string quartet arrangements by Michael Patterson, Fred Sturm, Brian Gabor and Joseph Gianono. The quartet comprised of Mark Feldman - first violin, Rob Moose - second violin, Kelly Dylia - viola and Dana Leong - cello was conducted by Michael Patterson. Bassist David Finck rounds out this recording with his virtuosic bass comping and solos. 

The Technology-A Substantial Jump Over PCM
Direct Stream Digital represents a significant leap over PCM, the current CD standard. The DSD system uses a 1-bit delta-sigma modulated word, sampled at 2.8224 MHz-that's more than 2 million 800 thousand samples per second. It is a much simpler analog to digital and digital to analog conversion process than PCM and therefore is really more analog-like in sound.