Gene Bertoncini: Body And Soul

Gene Bertoncini: Body And Soul

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The Shadow of Your Smile

My Funny Valentine

How Are Things in Glocca Morra

Body and Soul


Round Midnight


But Beautiful

I Remember You



Sophisticated Lady


NEW YORK CITY, March 2001
The subtle beauty of Gene Bertoncini's solo acoustic guitar is uniquely captured by Sony's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording technology on the renowned guitarist's latest CD, "Body and Soul."

"I have never heard a recording like this one," said Bertoncini. "It sounds exactly like it did in the studio—clear and warm at the same time." The new technology represents a first for both Bertoncini and his record company, Ambient Records of Stamford, Connecticut.

"I can think of no more perfect way to showcase Gene's artistry than with this outstanding new Technology," said Ambient Records president Mark Conese. "Sony's DSD draws the listener into the music in the same way as a great LP played back on a good turntable used to. The resolution is far beyond that of a conventional compact disc."

The Music–Innovative Arrangements of Classic Standards
"Body and Soul" represents the guitarist at his acoustic best. In addition to the title tune, the CD contains a wide range of beautiful melodies, artfully arranged by Bertoncini: "The Shadow of Your Smile," "My Funny Valentine," How Are Things in Glocca Morra?," "Edelweiss," "Round Midnight," "Stardust," "But Beautiful," "I Remember You," "Greensleeves," "Covetina," (theme from the Deer Hunter), "Sophisticated Lady," and "Snowfall." Each cut is tastefully rendered in no more than four minutes.

The Technology—A Substantial Jump Over PCM
Direct Stream Digital represents a significant leap over PCM, the current CD standard. The DSD system uses a 1-bit delta-sigma modulated word, sampled at 2.8224 Mhz—that's more than 2 million 800 thousand samples per second. It is a much simpler analog to digital and digital to analog conversion process than PCM and therefore is really more analog-like in sound.

"Body and Soul" is Bertoncini's first unaccompanied solo recording and his first recording for Ambient Records. "I'm really pleased with the results", he says. "This CD comes closer than anything I've done to capturing the true sonic qualities of a live performance".