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Custom Pro Audio Hardware

Musical technology


Mark Conese design

Since the 1980s, Ambient owner Mark Conese has built custom equipment for recording studios, mastering studios and radio stations.

The following current Mark Conese Design products are for use at Ambient Recording, and foster a sound that can't be had anywhere else.


C-13 custom vacuum tube microphone featuring hand built C-12 capsule and internal voltage regulators with custom tube rectified, choke filtered power supply.


LNA-4 four channel class A transistorized microphone preamplifier. Discrete transistor circuitry, transformer coupled, selectable input impedance, 3dB stepped gain.


116 Vacuum Tube microphone/DI preamplifier. Western Electric transformers, military vacuum tubes. With internal regulators and custom tube rectified, choke filtered power supply.


Custom Instrument Amplifier with 5 Meg. Ohm input impedance, stepped gain switching, balanced output with 2 Watt drive capability.


Custom 24x4 mixing console.


Custom mid-field and far-field studio monitors.


Custom AES/EBU digital audio to Fiber Optic computer interface.


Custom vacuum tube 1/2" two track tape machine.


Custom EMT reverb electronics.


1070A microphone preamplifier. Designed in 2000. Fully balanced, ultra-wide bandwidth, ultra-low distortion, built in metering. Winner of the 2002 TEC award by Pro Audio Review magazine.


Rack of 10 custom Spectra-Sonics preamplifiers with 3 band equalizers and Jensen transformers.


1) Class-A Discrete J-FET microphone preamplifier/DI. Featuring a unique current-mirror gain stage and a single Power J-FET output stage.


2) Class-A power amplifiers. Employing a single Power J-FET active stage.


3) Custom designed Balanced Audio Interconnect - Studio Wire. Solid pure copper conductors, low capacitance. Audiophile grade balanced shielded wire.


In the works

Custom 32x8 Discrete class-A mixing console.