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JOY – Clay Jenkins, Gene Bertoncini & Ike Sturm

New York City – January 2014 – “JOY” the latest CD release from Ambient Records features Clay Jenkins - Trumpet, Gene Bertoncini – acoustic nylon string guitar, Ike Sturm – acoustic bass.

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  Reunion – Bertoncini, Mainieri, Moore, Corsello

New York City – November 2012 – “Reunion” the latest CD release from Ambient Records features Gene Bertoncini – Acoustic nylon string and electric hollow body guitars, Michael Mainieri - acoustic vibraphone, Michael Moore acoustic bass and Joe Corsello – drums.

This CD combines the talents of three of today’s most well respected musicians, recorded with audiophile recording techniques. Clay, Gene and Ike have been musical collaborators, friends and colleagues for years leading up to the recording of this aptly named CD “JOY”.
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Helmet Of Gnats “High Street”

New York City, June 2010 – “High Street” the latest CD release from Ambient Records features cutting edge instrumental electric Fusion by a band who is at the peak of it’s powers. 192kHz/32bit digital technology was used to capture the vintage sounds and analog tones of this classic Electric Guitar, Multi-Keyboard, Electric Bass and Drum lineup. This CD is filled with 64 minutes of blazing yet melodic Fusion and is sure to re-ignite the fire inside fans of this genre, as well as make some new ones.
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  Gene Bertoncini “Concerti”

New York City, March 2008 - “Concerti” the latest Super Audio CD release from Ambient Records features Gene Bertoncini on nylon string guitar teamed up with a String Quartet and special guest David Finck on acoustic bass. “Concerti” features classic, contemporary and original compositions arranged for string quartet combined with Gene Bertoncini’s personal solo guitar arrangements. This SACD is packed with 52 min. of  musical virtuosity and listening pleasure. read more

Leslie Pintchik "Quartets"

NEW YORK CITY, October 2007 - In the follow-up to her debut trio recording, "So Glad To Be Here", pianist and composer Leslie Pintchik returns on her new SACD "Quartets" with two different quartets.  The powerful band-mates from her debut CD return - Scott Hardy on bass and Satoshi Takeishi on percussion.  Added to the mix on the new CD are the superb - and deservedly acclaimed - saxophonist Steve Wilson, as well as the exceptional drummer Mark Dodge.  The project, which once again features Pintchik's strong original compositions, as well as three unusual arrangements of well-known standards, packs a rich array of feeling into 56 minutes.  All the extraordinary color and nuances of the two different quartets are captured beautifully using Sony's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) technology. read more


Gene Bertoncini "Quiet Now"

New York City, March 2005 - "Quiet Now" the new SACD by guitar virtuoso Gene Bertoncini is released on Ambient Records. This Stereo Hybrid SACD/CD represents the latest in a series of solo nylon string guitar recordings by an artist at the peak of his powers. read more

Helmet of Gnats

STAMFORD, CT. December 2004 - Instrumental progressive rock/fusion band Helmet Of Gnats releases the latest Multi-Channel Super Audio CD/CD Hybrid on Ambient Records. Sony's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording technology was used to capture the analog sounds and warm tones of this classic Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and drum lineup.read more




New York City, June 2004 - Jazz pianist and composer
Leslie Pintchik's CD "So Glad to Be Here" is released by Ambient Records. Sony's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording technology captures the subtle shadings of Leslie's piano playing, the singing quality of Scott Hardy's bass and the extraordinary colors and textures of percussionist Satoshi Takeishi. read more

New York City, May 2004 - “Body and Soul” by legendary guitarist Gene Bertoncini is now available as a Hybrid Super Audio CD. This recording was originally made with DSD equipment in 1999. Due to the lack of Super Audio CD players at the time it was down converted to the standard CD format for release. It is now available in its full resolution as a Hybrid Super Audio CD. Hear Gene Bertoncini’s nylon string acoustic guitar for the first time captured by this superior digital format. Like other Ambient Records releases these Hybrid SACD’s are playable in all CD players. read more



New York City, August 2001 - Sean Smith's beautiful compositions and well seasoned quartet are captured by Sony's new Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording technology on the composer, bassists second solo CD "Poise".

"The quartet recorded this CD live all in the same room which has a beautiful, warm, natural sound", said Smith. "It's all captured by the recording. We didn't have to wear headphones and had great sight lines to see one another. These are luxuries in the studio. There is so much air and life in the result for you to hear".

This recording is one of a few direct to DSD recordings to date, and represents a continuing commitment by Ambient Records of Stamford, Connecticut to make fine recordings of important music available to music listeners.

"I can think of no better way to showcase Sean's composing and bass playing skills than with this revolutionary new technology", said Ambient Records President Mark Conese. "Sony's DSD draws the listener into the music in the same way as a great LP played back on a good turntable used to. The resolution is far beyond that of conventional compact discs and even DVD audio discs".

The Music - Songful and melodic compositions, reminiscent of the "Cool School" of the 1950's.
The Sean Smith Quartet is Sean Smith on bass, Allen Mezquida on alto saxophone, Russell Meissner on drums, with Bill Charlap on piano or Keith Ganz on guitar. The members of the quartet have played together for many years sharing a similar passion and vision for music, helping define a very distinctive group sound noted for a rare lyrical quality. With Sean's songful and melodic compositions underscoring the quartet, their unique acoustic sound, at times reminiscent of the "Cool School" of the 1950's, has developed out of a mutual respect and love for the jazz tradition and beyond.

"Poise" on the Ambient label (CD-002) is the Sean Smith Quartet's second recording. This CD documents some of the music of a very prolific composer played by a band at ease with one another.

The Technology - A Substantial Jump Over PCM

Direct Stream Digital, the technology behind Super Audio CD, represents a significant leap over PCM, the current CD standard. The DSD system uses a 1-bit delta-sigma modulated word, sampled at 2.8224 MHz – that’s more than 2 million 800 thousand samples per second. It is a much simpler analog to digital and digital to analog conversion process than PCM and therefore is really more analog-like in sound.

These new Super Audio CD’s are available in two versions according to Mark Conese. A “hybrid” version that contains two signal layers – one for CD and one for Super Audio CD. They are playable on all CD players including the new Super Audio CD (SACD) playback equipment, and a single layer Super Audio CD playable only on SACD players. Both types of disc are capable of two-channel stereo and six-channel surround on the SACD layer.

At Ambient Records we have chosen to go exclusively with the hybrid version due to it’s backward compatibility with existing CD players. Although we do recommend to anyone interested in the best sound quality to invest in a Super Audio CD player to hear the full potential of these recordings.