Reviews Helmet Of Gnats
...interesting and engaging compositions... uniquely Helmet Of Gnats... A good blend of art-rock with subtle hints of fusion. I like it! Recommended listening!

(John W. Patterson, Editor/Host of and WEER Jazz Rock Fusion Radio)

The Gnats here have made a statement for releasing one of the best progressive related CDs of 2004... a CD packed from start to finish with brilliant songs, magical performances and great production standards...

When first getting turned onto this band a few years back, I felt almost privileged to know about them...

...For those not familiar with this variety of music take a chance on this one, you will not be disappointed.

(MJ Brady -

This has got to be the surprise of the year for me. The music of Helmet Of Gnats is some of the hottest fusion I've heard in a while. The band went to great lengths to record the album on all analog equipment and with spectacular results.

You could probably play this Disc to someone and tell them it came out in 1975 and they would be hard-pressed to doubt it... if you're a fan of top-notch fusion, I strongly urge you to pickup this CD.

(Floyd Bledsoe,

...A 70's Fusion vibe ala Brand X or Return To Forever... they are ready to make their mark in the progressive fusion scene, and believe me with this one they are headed in the right direction. The sound quality is outstanding and if you have a SACD player all this hot fusion Im sure will sound that much better.

The plain and simple truth - this is a winner of a CD... Look for big things from Helmet Of Gnats in the future.

(Pete Pardo - SEA OF

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