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About Ambient Records
Formed in 1990 Ambient Recording Co. has been a hub for artists, engineers, producers and record companies to record all forms of music. Through these experiences recording all types and styles of music Ambient's owner Mark Conese has chosen to bring the studio into the next millennium by starting Ambient Records.

Ambient Records is a boutique record label dedicated to making high quality recordings of todays best musicians and composers. We search out talent that offers something unique and record them in a way that brings the listener as close as possible to the music.

In most cases we record the musicians live in the studio without the use of headphones, exactly as they would play at a club or concert hall. This approach lets the musicians perform unencumbered by the shortcomings of equipment and recording technology, and concentrate solely on the music.Recordings made in this manner also bring the listener another step closer to being at a live performance.

To make these recordings, we use the least amount of equipment and processing possible between the live performance and the eventual recording that is produced for sale. All of this is done to assure those who purchase an Ambient Records recording that the music is being brought to you as directly as possible, enhancing the joy of listening.
About Ambient Records owner
Ambient Records' owner Mark Conese is a musician, electrical engineer and audiophile who has been designing and building music
recording spaces and recording equipment since 1980. In 1989 he designed and built Ambient Recording Co., a Stamford Connecticut, USA based recording studio who's clients include many of todays most important jazz and popular recording artists.

In 1999 Mark started Ambient Records LLC, so he could not only be involved in the recording process, but choose the artists, music and recording techniques thus being more involved in the overall production of the recordings.

In 2000 Mark formed a Professional Audio Electronics company with Dick Sequerra. Through their combined experiences Mark and Dick pushed the limits of modern recording technology by designing, building and testing professional audio recording devices that bridge the gap between Hi-Fi and Pro Audio.
In 2008 the Ambient Records release “Concerti” was nominated for several Grammy Awards.
Since 2011 Mark has been the Technical Director at WPKN radio (89.5 FM) in Bridgeport, CT.
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