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The paradox is that almost all recordings are made with equipment that is inferior to state of the art Hi-Fi equipment. So Audiophiles are listening to recordings with equipment that is superior to the equipment that the recordings were made with. Therefore there has been a limit set on the "resolution" and "tone" of the recording before the listener ever had a chance to play it.

At Ambient we have spent years testing and listening to everything from different types of tubes, transistors, capacitors, resistors, transformers, power supplies and wire to find only those that have the least audible effect on the sound or "tone" of acoustic musical instruments and the human voice.

To raise the bar another notch we only use equipment that is equal or superior to the very best audiophile equipment available to date. We custom make much of this or modify existing equipment to meet our stringent standards. We are also dedicated to using only the best recording mediums available, that is why we have chosen to go with the Sony/Philips SACD (Super Audio CD) approach.

After many years spent working in both the analog and digital domain we have finally found a medium that is virtually indiscernible from the console feed. For the first time in the history of recorded music, the listener can enjoy a recording at home that has a 100khz bandwidth, and, that sounds exactly the way it did live in the recording studio. Let's raise a toast to the engineers as Sony and Philips for finally giving us a format that surpasses the LP!
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