Helmet Of Gnats - Helmet Of Gnats
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1 Almost Babylon
2 Chinese Leftovers
3 Yesterday's Brain
4 Crumbs
5 Lesser Beings
6 Misfit Toys
7 Chimps In Space

STAMFORD, CT. December 2004 -
Instrumental progressive rock/fusion band Helmet Of Gnats releases the latest Multi-Channel Super Audio CD/CD Hybrid on Ambient Records. Sony's Direct Stream Digital (DSD) recording technology was used to capture the analog sounds and warm tones of this classic Guitar, Keyboard, Bass and drum lineup.

The Music–
An original form of progressive fusion music...packed from start to finish with brilliant songs, magical performances and great production standards...
(MJ Brady - PROGGNOSIS.com)

The Technology—A Substantial Jump Over PCM

Direct Stream Digital, the technology behind Super Audio CD, represents a significant leap over PCM, the current CD standard. The DSD system uses a 1-bit delta-sigma modulated word, sampled at 2.8224 MHz - that's more than 2 million 800 thousand samples per second. It is a much simpler analog to digital and digital to analog conversion process than PCM and therefore is really more analog-like in sound.

These new Super Audio CD's are available in two versions according to Mark Conese. A "hybrid" version that contains two signal layers - one for CD and one for Super Audio CD. They are playable on all CD players including the new Super Audio CD (SACD) playback equipment, and a single layer Super Audio CD playable only on SACD players. Both types of disc are capable of two-channel stereo and six-channel surround on the SACD layer.

At Ambient Records we have chosen to go exclusively with the hybrid version due to it's backward compatibility with existing CD players. Although we do recommend to anyone interested in the best sound quality to invest in a Super Audio CD player to hear the full potential of these recordings.