Gene Bertoncini - Quiet Now
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NEW YORK CITY, March 2005 - "Quiet Now" the new SACD by guitar virtuoso Gene Bertoncini is released on Ambient Records. This Stereo Hybrid SACD/CD represents the latest in a series of solo nylon string guitar recordings by an artist at the peak of his powers. (Read more)

"Guitarist Gene Bertoncini is a consummate virtuoso instrumentalist and a musician who possesses an extraordinary ability to emotionally connect to every composition he performs. Widely known and admired for more than four decades as an accompanist, an ensemble player, a jazz artist, a duo collaborator and as a studio musician, on this CD "Quiet Now", we are given a chance to hear Gene do what he does best:   unique solo interpretations of a wide range of songs that really mean something to him." - Fred Hersch, from the liner notes.

The Music-Innovative Arrangements of Classic Standards
"Quiet Now" represents an artist at the peak of his powers. In addition to the title track this SACD contains a wide range of beautiful melodies, masterfully performed by Mr. Bertoncini: "LUSH LIFE"/"ISFAHAN","MY ONE AND ONLY LOVE","GIANT STEPS"/"ON A MISTY NIGHT","TRAUMEREI","SO IN LOVE"/"THE MORE I SEE YOU","OLHA MARIA","QUIET NOW","NESSUN DORMA","WALTZ FOR DEBBIE"/"VERY EARLY", THEME FROM "BANG THE DRUM SLOWLY". Each title ingeniously arranged for the guitar by Gene Bertoncini in a unique and challenging way.

The Technology-A Substantial Jump Over PCM

Direct Stream Digital represents a significant leap over PCM, the current CD standard. The DSD system uses a 1-bit delta-sigma modulated word, sampled at 2.8224 MHz-that's more than 2 million 800 thousand samples per second. It is a much simpler analog to digital and digital to analog conversion process than PCM and therefore is really more analog-like in sound.

These new Super Audio CD's are available in two versions according to Mark Conese. A "hybrid" version that contains two signal layers - one for CD and one for Super Audio CD. They are playable on all CD players including the new Super Audio CD (SACD) playback equipment, and a single layer Super Audio CD playable only on SACD players. Both types of disc are capable of two-channel stereo and six-channel surround on the SACD layer.

At Ambient Records we have chosen to go exclusively with the hybrid version due to it's backward compatibility with existing CD players. Although we do recommend to anyone interested in the best sound quality to invest in a Super Audio CD player to hear the full potential of these recordings.